By-passet Noraskog


WILLKOMMEN ZU DEN ORTSCHAFTEN IN NORASKOG! Bypasset 2013 auf Deutsch 20130523

With BYPASSET as your guide you may visit the villages at the Nora Countryside : Bypasset 2013 eng ver 20130523

Choose at least two goals on each numbered (of total 6) Pass pages.
Stamp the pass at the site using the stamp furnished.
When you have at least 6 x 2 stamped goals you can enter the drawing for the winnings in Bypasset.
If you are unsure how to find a site please ask anybody you meet. The Tourist bureau in Nora will gladly answer any questions and give you even more information about the goals.
Look for this green-yellow sign;
Fill out the form with name and telephone number and give it to the Tourist Bureau in Nora before September 15, 2013. You may mail it to the address: Nora Turistbyrå, Stationshuset, 713 80 Nora. Or leave it at the gas stations Statoil or OK/Q8 in Nora


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